How to Get Over a Relationship Break Up


 Are you Broken Hearted?  Relationship Help is at Hand

by Michael Myerscough


How to Recover from a Relationship Break Up

 'How to Get Over a Break Up' is one of the top relationship issues I constantly have to deal with.  Right now you probably think that no one else could possibly understand the pain you’re in but it’s my hope that you’ll read this page and realise you are not alone. 

If you are suffering from a broken heart and feel like your heartbreak is more painful than you can deal with you're in the right place. It’s unlikely you're the kind of person that loves wallowing in your pain as you’ve been looking for this solution. The good news is that the only thing you need to do right now is start to take the simple steps outlined here.

These steps will lead you towards the recovery of mending a broken heart that thousands of my clients have experienced. They would tell you that your pain could be gone, faster than you can begin to imagine, forever, if you’re willing to do the work. How would it feel to wash away your pain, to banish the knot eating you up from the inside? 


How to Heal from a Broken Heart ...

Give me 5 minutes of your time and you'll see you how to get over a break up using the totally effective method developed by working with thousands of people in your situation.

It’s never easy when a significant relationship finally comes to an end. Whatever the reason for the separation – whether you wanted it or not – dealing with the pain of break up after a long-term, committed relationship can turn your world upside down and leave your life in total turmoil.  It's likely to trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling feelings but there are a number of things you can do to get through this difficult time.  Take the FREE Heartbreak Quiz to find out whether you are suffering from the symptoms of heartbreak.  Find out everything you need to know to feel better within 24 hours. It's true, you could be feeling a whole lot better one day from today.  I even guarantee it. by Michael Myerscough

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Getting Over a Broken Heart

I recognise that the most difficult time to take action is when you're heart is broken.  Each step is painful and can feel like an immense effort.  I know that not everybody is in the fortunate position to get indvidual coaching so I designed the How to Get Over a Break Up eProgram.  This takes you through each step at your own pace with exercises and resources to get you feeling better and mend your broken heart in no time.   If you haven't done so already download the 'How to Get Over a Break Up' FREE Chapter.  Here's what one of my clients had to say:

I still remember that one time I kept telling my mother I was so sick that I needed to go to the hospital. I couldn’t sleep.  I couldn’t eat, couldn’t even drink as nothing would stay down. I tried to convince myself it was just the flu as I couldn’t stand to admit the truth. I was suffering from a severe broken heart.

The shock of leaving my husband after 10 years of marriage was so overwhelming I just started to unravel. Although I knew it was high time to leave that unhealthy relationship, I didn't know it would be this painful and difficult. I also didn't know that the pain could linger this long. I would always wake up crying with a wet pillow. Every piece of me hurt. I swear I could feel my insides turning.

The time I spent coaching with Michael reminded me why I left and more importantly, that I could make it on my own. His perfect mixture of esteem boosting and sympathy single-handedly got me through to the other side. I didn't focus on the new type of man I wanted. I finally started focusing on me and what I wanted in my life.

Michael helped me re-identify my desires and love myself again.   He helped me establish safe and healthy boundaries.

The result? After I mastered those difficulties and defects that had led me to my husband, I never again dated a jerk. And I never encountered another disrespectful man.

I am now building my future with a kind, loving and supportive man.  We have the same interests, the same values and the same religion. We now live together in this tiny studio apartment and it’s better than fantastic. My life is better than I imagined, that said it's exactly how Michael saw it. He was there believing in me when I was too hurt to embrace my better self. I almost settled and would have lost my moment if it weren’t for his helpful advice."


Don't Make This Painful Mistake

Broken HeartLet me begin by asking you an obvious question. Can you imagine what it would be like to feel whole and happy again?  If you're in as much pain as most of my clients about this relationship break up, then I suspect your answer is no. But if you could imagine it, would you like to feel that way? If so please read on.  I can make you feel better very quickly but there is a catch, and that catch is this, I'm going to need you to apply yourself and do some specific work to help yourself right now.

I'm going to give away pretty much everything you need to do in order to feel better in this article but the problem is that's generally not enough. In my experience people in your level of pain need their hand holding, you need to be led through 'How to Get over a Break up Programme' step by step. Not because you're weak or pathetic, but because some things are easier with a friendly voice to encourage you. You deserve to be supported and encouraged to take that next step in how to get over your break up which is why I've written my full programme down for you.


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I understand that not everyone can afford the thousands of pounds some of my clients pay me to help them so I'm making the same programme available here for a fraction of the cost.  By now you're probably wondering: Who am I, and how can I make such an outrageous guarantee - that you will be feeling better in 20 minutes. 

Time Alone Will Not Heal Your Pain

My name is Michael Myerscough, I've been working as a counsellor and therapist for over 20 years and I specialise in the area of relationships.

As a result I've worked with thousands of people in the most extraordinary levels of pain due to heartbreak and I know how to fix it, fast. Stopping the pain you are in is easy and I would love the chance to take you through my how to get over a break up programme. In my experience time alone will not heal your heart, you probably already know this as your pain hasn't diminished much lately or you wouldn't be reading this.

Some people can stay heartbroken for months and a select few can lose years to this pain and misery. Don't get stuck in this state, you deserve to feel much better. But please read this firstand see how you feel by the end. I don't want you buying this if you don't really need it or won't do the work.


The 'Almost' Miraculous First Step

Relationship Break UpI don't want you to waste another moment, so here's something you can do right now to begin the process of getting over your heartbreak.

Do you wonder why you're in so much pain whilst others seem to be able to just dust themselves off and get on with their lives?

Well here is the first major difference. People that fall out of love easily think about the experience in a totally different way to you. If I were to ask you to think about you and your ex together, I'm willing to bet that you have a lovely romantic picture in your head.  Often it's a beautiful shot of the two of you cuddled up on the couch watching TV, or maybe some moment of tender caring. Whatever that picture is it's not helping. Not one bit! I'm going to give you a better idea.

I want you to think of five separate occasions when your relationship with your Ex was anywhere between disappointing to brutally painful.   Take each one of these in turn and flesh out that memory much more than you may have in a while.  If you do this properly you should have five solid memories of your relationship that make you feel angry or miserable.

This is part of a much bigger process that I created a bonus video to guide people through which there isn't space for here. But I want you feeling better so try this brilliant technique.

Every time you catch yourself dwelling on your lovely romantic picture, I want you recognise that it's making you miserable and focus on one of the five 'painful' memories instead.

It's a neat trick and if you manage to do it often enough and thoroughly enough you will retrain your brain. You will interrupt your tendency to over indulge in a memory that isn't healthy or helpful. I know that this may seem a little bizarre, 'focus on your painful memories to feel better' but give it a go.  It's worked for all my clients and is one of my most powerful tools when done at its deepest level which is why I created the bonus video for you.

There is no magic wand that I can wave to heal your heart. I can only show you how to do it. There are some things you have to know and some things you really must do.

I can guarantee to ease your pain quickly because I've seen it happen time and time again. All my heartbroken clients who faithfully do their part feel better fast. You may already be feeling a little better but after reading the First Step you'll be well on the road to recovery.  When you purchase the full How to Get over a Break up Programme you will have access to the full Ten Steps to overcoming your heartbreak.

  • You'll learn about university studies that demonstrate that heartbreak is real and explain why it hurts so much.
  • You'll understand how your body has created a totally natural yet very dangerous chemical imbalance inside you that's causing your mood to swing in such painful ways.
  • I'll teach you how to manage those hormones more intelligently and immediately begin to improve your sense of balance.
  • I'll show you one simple thing you can do right now for 20 minutes that's scientifically proven to elevate your mood for the day.
  • You will learn how to recognise your needs and, more importantly, how to meet those needs in a way that allows you to feel loved and cherished even when you're single.
  • You'll understand the one simple but profound thing that, when you do it, I guarantee your whole life will change for the better, forever.
  • You'll learn to value one major skill you already have that you may be totally disregarding as a way of feeling better very quickly.

What this programme isn't!

  • This is not a quick fix or a magic bullet, I'm not waving a magic wand for you here, as much as I wish I could. You've got some work to do, given you've read this far though I'm fairly sure you're capable of being honest enough with yourself to heal your heart.  I'm not interested in teaching you how to get back with your ex right now, it would be a disaster. Right now you are lonely and in pain but as Greg Behrendt, one of the writers for Sex in the City, says, 'it's called a break up because it's broken'. Don't even consider trying to fix it until you've fixed yourself or you are really going to get hurt!
  • Neither is it a 'all men are bastards and you deserve so much better' type rant. Relationships end for a reason and if you do this right you'll come out a better person able to build a better relationship. This program will fundamentally change you for the better.

As you continue to read this I'm hoping that you are beginning to feel at least a little more hopeful that you really can get over your heartbreak. What if you really could transform the way you feel and begin to get on with your life. What would you be willing to do to feel good again?

As I said earlier I've put together a totally effective system that I've used to get 100's of people just like you over the pain you're in right now. This programme is 100% guaranteed to be the smartest investment you can make in your effort to heal your heart or I will gladly give you your money back. My guarantee is simple - you assume zero risk here.

You can get and read How To Get Over A Break Up! without risking a single penny. If you're not absolutely convinced that putting the knowledge and exercises into practice will help you, I will refund every penny of your purchase. No questions asked, no quibbling, if you're not thrilled with this programme let me know and I'll refund your purchase.  Here's what one of my clients had to say:

This First Step process takes 30 minutes and here's what one of my clients had to say:

‘I particularly valued today's phone call as I have felt so incredibly down about things these past few days. The photo switching thing you discussed with me regarding Guy was absolutely fantastic! This is the first day in months I haven't had a knot in my stomach. I have been using the images we went through this morning and it’s definitely working!"



Your Second Serious Step To Feeling Better

Get Over a Break UpLet me share with you the second thing that those who get over a break up quickly all do. They insist on zero contact with their ex for a period of time whilst they get themselves happy and healthy again.  I hate to say it but this is absolutely non-negotiable if you want to heal as quickly as possible. That said, we're back to the fact that I can tell you this here in this short article but it probably won't be enough.  I know this idea is hugely painful and confronting, so much so that I nearly didn't include it here in case it put you off but truthfully my real commitment is to helping as many people as I can so I decided to put it into this article as it's a cornerstone to your recovery. If it's too painful to do or even think about right now I really do understand. Just know that at some point you'll have to make this leap.

Ideally you'd take the time to read the research and examine the statistics so it becomes obvious to you that this is really important. If you get the How to Get Over a Break Up - Full Programme I can teach you how to get exactly the right kind of support that will make it possible for you stay true to yourself even when some piece of you is screaming with a need to get in touch with your ex.  Your heartbreak is like an open wound that is busy trying to heal, every time you spend time with your ex it's as if you're tearing the scab off and you have to start all over again from the beginning.

break up recoveryYou see there is a chemical reality to getting over your ex which is leaving you in so much pain that it can sometimes feel unbearable, seriously, you are not making this feeling up. One of the biggest things you must do is stop seeing him as soon as possible. In the programme I take my clients through this process and it's really painful for a little while but then real healing can begin.  If you get nothing else from this article and decide to go no further with me, please cut off all contact for a while. And by a while I mean months, not hours or days.

Sorry. If you share parenting with your ex or work with them then clearly this isn't possible but you can certainly stop having any intimate conversation or contact with them. These are tricky situations that I talk more about in the programme.  That's two of the biggest tips I can give you for getting over your heartbreak and a little further down I'm going to share a third that will really help you get back on track in the near future.  If you invest in the How to Get Over a Break Up - Full Programme then I have the space and time to explain a few things to you in greater depth.

 How to Get Over a Breakup eBook 

  • deal quickly with the pain of your emotional trauma
  • move step-by-step towards your recovery
  • never again make the same mistakes


‘How to Get Over a Breakup’.
Price of $34.95.

One of the most important things you need to know is why time alone isn't going to fix your problem. If you're just holding your breath hoping this feeling will pass soon then you're hurting yourself.  The fact that you're in so much pain you're searching the internet for a solution tells me that this is not an easy fix, if it was you'd have got over it yourself by now. At least try the two things outlined above, if you find that you're healed then please let me know, it's why I wrote this article.


I know buying anything off the internet can seem a little risky but let me outline my guarantee to you one more time. This programme is 100% guaranteed to be the smartest investment you can make in your effort to heal your heart or I will gladly give you your money back. My guarantee is simple - you assume zero risk here.  You can get and read How To Get Over A Break Up! without risking a single penny. If you're not absolutely convinced that putting the knowledge and exercises into practice will help you, I will refund every penny of your purchase. No questions asked, no quibbling, if you're not thrilled with this programme let me know and I'll refund your purchase.  I want you to buy this and I want you to feel better as a result and then I'd like you to email me and let me know just how much I helped you. In the very unlikely event it doesn't help, please let me know and I'll refund your money.


Why You Must Focus on Your Fantastic Future

How to Get Over a Break UpThe third big tip for getting over heartbreak is that you need to start planning for a fantastic future.  Clearly right now you may not be feeling up for that but one day soon you need to start thinking about it.  Being single is actually a bit of a luxury most people fail to notice, it gives you time to step back, review and work out how you'd like to do it better next time.   Someday soon I'd like you to sit down and design a three year vision that you can get excited by and begin to move towards. Again, let me say that I know that right now may not feel like the time but truthfully this is one of those times in your life that can be remarkably powerful. If you're prepared to do the work!

I take my clients through this step by step but if you're going to go it alone make some time one day to sit down and think about just two of the questions I'd ask you.

  1. If money was no object and your success was guaranteed, what would you want in your life?
  2. If you decided to never again accept anything less than everything what would you do?

 How to Get Over a Breakup eBook 

  • deal quickly with the pain of your emotional trauma
  • move step-by-step towards your recovery
  • never again make the same mistakes


‘How to Get Over a Breakup’.
Price of $34.95.

Hopefully, once you've done this properly, you'll get a much better perspective on your life and its potential. With the programme there is a bonus video to take you through an additional part in this process that I don't have space for here. It's very helpful in making your fantastic future much more real and believable for you.  At points my clients have said they'd have paid any price to get over their breakup. I've given you three top tips for overcoming heartbreak and I hope you use them.

If you can afford it I would love you to buy the full programme because I know it's going to help you in exactly the same way as it helps my clients.  Clearly it's not quite as good as having me talk you through it step by step but due to being able to include the bonus video recordings it's the next best thing.  The material in this programme is exactly the same as the information I share with all my clients. Some of them pay 1000's of pounds to get back on track with me personally. If you're prepared to do the work on your own though you can feel better for a lot less money. What is your heart worth to you?


Here's what happened to Debra after focusing on Her Fantastic Future:

"After a long period of depression following the break-up of an intimate relationship, I was able to face a new day free from all the confusion and pain – and it’s all because of Michael’s help.

Michael helped me to recognize clear patterns and habits in my relationship behavior, reveal and analyze the 'truth' about the failed relationship and set incremental goals to overcome my depression. I continue to work on the goals I set. And my effort, along with a better understanding of my real life values, is helping me continue a more measured, emotionally stable and productive life--including the beginning of a new relationship."

 Don't Make this Painful Mistake ...


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Men, would you like to know why heartbreak is so excruciating for you?


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