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Often the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

 "Often the Bridesmaid, Never a Bride?"

What if I told you that there is a proven system to attract the right man for you? Would you take the next 10 minutes to discover how?

How to Find Mr Right
How to Find True Love and Ensure you
Find your Mr. Right in under 18, 9, 5 or even 2 months!

by Michael Myerscough (I even guarantee it.)


Q:  Do you ever wonder if there is a secret to How to Find Mr Right and how to attract the good men effortlessly? Is there some secret they know that has eluded you in how to find love?

Q:  Are you tired of searching for the man of your dreams you want to spend the rest of your life with - only to end up in one blind alley after another?

Q:  Do you ever long to be married and have a family, like many of your friends do?

Q:  Are you struggling to know how to attract men, know what they want and keep hold of the kind of man you would want to settle down with?


So Why Haven't You FoundYour Mr Right?

Dating Advice for WomenYou're AVAILABLE ...
attractive, kind, intelligent, successful

but still SINGLE ...
And your friends are wondering what's going on?


  • Discover the top 10 reasons why you're not finding your Mr Right.
  • How to attract and keep somebody you find wildly desirable.
  • How to ensure you never again get caught up with Mr Wrong?

If you're determined NOT to settle for a BTN (better than nothing) relationship
and serious about finding your perfect partner …



This is for You if you Are Serious about Finding Mr Right ...

If you read every word of this article,  you will find both what you need to know in order to find your Mr. Right, and what you need to do. Don't just skim through it — I don't want you to miss a single word, because when I tell you exactly how to find Mr. Right, you simply cannot fail to find your ideal man within 18 months.

Within 6 months I have met the most amazing guy". He is tall, dark and handsome, and intelligent and caring and adores me, and the most incredible man I have ever met.

"I would like to say I worked for it but I am clear it is all thanks to you --your words of wisdom, coaching, courses, and other general support and care you provided."

Jayne Dwyer, London, N8


Why Haven't You Found Mr. Right Yet?

You've spent years searching for him, listening to and reading dating advice and sometimes it doesn't feel like you're any closer to finding him.

Could it be that… (check all that apply)

  You don't find it easy to date?
Finding and dating the men you would really like to go out with is just a little bit too difficult, or something you don't enjoy putting yourself through on a regular basis.

  You date but regularly end up with the wrong type of guy?

This can be because the signals you give out are attracting a particular type of man. Or, maybe you haven't identified what you need in a man to make you happy, or you have a list of things you want but it's not the right list for you!

  You have dated some men that seemed right for you, but you ended up losing them?
Everything goes well at the start of the relationship, but the further into them you get the more things start to fall apart. This is probably the most painful reason, because at the beginning you seem so close to that lifelong relationship, only to see it crumble away.

If any or all of these scenarios fit you, perhaps you're wondering if it's worth all the hassle. You sense you need to make some changes. You may even have an inkling of what those changes might be.

But if you've been burned by bad relationships, or you've been down so many dead-end roads you don't even want to drive anymore, you may wonder if it's even possible to find Mr. Right.

Is it too late for you? Have all the good men been snatched up already?


For the Single Minded Woman - You Can Find Mr. Right!

I have good news for you! I believe with all my heart not only that there is a Mr. Right out there for you, but that you can attract him. I can even guarantee it!

Imagine sharing your days with a partner who is not only your best friend but also someone you deeply desire physically.

Picture yourself waking up next to him right now. As you gaze at him lovingly, his eyes flutter open. He greets you with a dazzling smile that tells you how lucky he feels to have found you. He pulls you to him for a tender kiss, and you know without a doubt that this is the man for you. You rest easy in the knowledge that your search is over.

Yes, there may be a few struggles somewhere ahead but you know you can work all that out because you're truly worth it to each other.

Can you picture yourself with him right now?

Can you imagine being completely in love with each other, feeling a deep sense of connection and belonging that feels totally natural, knowing with absolute certainty that you both want to share the rest of your lives together?


If you could have that kind of loving relationship, what would it be worth to you? Would you be willing to put in some time, money and effort to find that person? If your answer is yes, I have some very, very good news for you.


18 Months to a Wonderful Relationship

If you are willing to do your part, I can guarantee that you will find your Mr. Right not within years, but within months. No more than 18 months. Perhaps even as few as 2 months.


"Michael really helped me turn things around so that I could have the magical, ideal relationship I had always dreamed of. I had gotten to the point where I had been mistreated too many times, and by guys that just weren't worth it.

With Michael's help, I was able to look at all the relationships I had set up around me and started to notice how unhealthy they were for me. Most of my past partners weren't really supportive of me or didn't make me feel good about myself. [After coaching with Michael] I suddenly had the power. Everything became clearer and I was open to meeting others and knew that I was worth what I was looking for in a partner. I feel I have come such a long way — quite a rocky road but so worth it — and am so grateful to him for the path he put me on.

The insights I have discovered would have taken me years of therapy, and the follow up work I have done for myself has kept my progress going. The good news is that I now have a wonderful man in my life. I met him within 2 months of finishing coaching and we married in June. I have to pinch myself to believe it is true. And it is! You can have what you want — really."

C.M. New York, USA

By now you're probably wondering: Who am I, and how can I make such an outrageous guarantee — that you will find your Mr. Right in 18 months or less?


So Why Haven't You FoundYour Mr Right?

Dating Advice for WomenYou're AVAILABLE ...
attractive, kind, intelligent, successful

but still SINGLE ...
And your friends are wondering what's going on?


  • Discover the top 10 reasons why you're not finding your Mr Right.
  • How to attract and keep somebody you find wildly desirable.
  • How to ensure you never again get caught up with Mr Wrong?

If you're determined NOT to settle for a BTN (better than nothing) relationship
and serious about finding your perfect partner …



It's about More Than Just Finding a Man

My name is Michael Myerscough. I've been working as a counsellor and therapist for the past 20 years and I specialise in the area of relationships.

I used to specialise in working with couples. I've witnessed some horrific relationships full of resentment and pain and seen the effects it has on those who grow up around them.

One day I realised that often the biggest problem in my clients' relationships was the fact that they ever got married in the first place!

Too many marriages are unhappy...

According to the Office of National Statistics (UK), 52 % of all marriages fail.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the divorce rate among 35 year olds in 1996 was 27%. The projection rate (the percentage that will probably divorce at some time) is 49% for 35 year olds.

These wretched figures are not just statistics to me. I was a child of a relationship that went badly wrong because my mother and father just weren't compatible. I know the destruction it wreaked in my life, and saw what it did to my parents.

As a direct result, I made it my personal mission 20 years ago to prevent this from happening to as many people as I could. I never want you or your future family to go through the pain that my family did.

I not only wanted to prevent bad marriages, I wanted to help people develop fantastic ones. I put 20 years into researching what made the difference between a good relationship and the great relationships we all want. I have shelves full of books about relationships and have read everything I could find to simplify the process of finding a love that lasts.

Finding Mr. Right is the culmination of all my work. I've developed a process that I'm confident will equip you to find a partner that is perfect for you — one you'll spend the rest of your life loving.

I'm so confident that this works, that I guarantee it.

I can guarantee you will find a loving, lasting relationship with your Mr. Right because I have seen it happen, not just once, but over and over again. All my clients who faithfully do their part find their Mr. Right within 18 months. I know it will work for you because it has proven to work for others.

"Four months ago, I wouldn't have had the spirit or tools to go after my Mr. Right. The course has taught me a lot of things. …Ultimately, it's given me the confidence to approach guys and be more proactive. And anything that boosts esteem is priceless."

Sarah Ewing, Journalist

However, there's no magic wand I can wave to bring Mr. Right into your life. I can only show you how. There are some things you have to know and some things you have to do.


The First Secret to Finding Mr. Right: What You Need to Know

If you are willing to do your part, I can guarantee that you will find your Mr. Right not within years, but within months. No more than 18 months. Perhaps even as few as 2 months.

There's a reason so many marriages and relationships fail.

Very few people understand this. But I am going to tell you right now why so many relationships fail. Once you truly grasp this, you will possess the first key to finding Mr. Right.

The reason 49-52% of marriages fail is that people attract the wrong person — and don't know it until it's too late!

the key to having a happy marriage is to choose the right person for you in the first place.

What, you say? That's all?
It may seem simplistic, but these words are the very foundation of the only approach that works for finding love that lasts.

Of course, the rub is in learning how to recognise and choose that right person. That's what I've devoted the past 20 years to discovering and refining.

First, you need to know something very important.

In order to attract your Mr. Right, you must know what you truly want and need.


The Law of Attraction

Think about it. People in business understand that if you want to attract the right customer to you, you need a clear sense of whom you are trying to attract. Success coaches know that people who are very clear about what they want are a hundred times more likely to get it.

Why should it be any different with relationships?

In every other area of life - less important than looking for a lifelong partner — people put careful thought and energy into what they want.

If you were looking for a new home, wouldn't you decide ahead of time exactly what you wanted? You would decide how many rooms you needed, whether or not you wanted a garden, the area you wished to live in. You might even know what kind of lighting, windows, and kitchen appliances you wanted.

Contrast this with the tiny amount of preparation people put into finding someone to love.

Or, if someone were to ask you in a job interview, "What salary would you like?" would you say, "Oh, I don't know. Anything is better than nothing."

Of course not!

Yet, amazingly, people often settle for “better than nothing” relationships. They don't know what they want, so they settle for whoever comes along.


Have You Already Passed Him By?

If you don't know what Mr. Right looks like, how will you recognise him when you meet him?

You may have passed him by already...

But never fear… it's not any one person who is right for you, but a kind of person. Someone with certain qualities, beliefs and values that will match up with who you are.

The more in tune you are with what those qualities, beliefs and values are, the more you boost your chances of finding and recognising your Mr. Right.

"A year after you asked me to visualise and write about my perfect partner… well, he has manifested. We met on New Year's Eve at mutual friends, and it has been really, really good since! Sean is Irish, 29 years old… loving, caring, amazing love making, we share the same values and complement each other well… and he speaks good French and loves my cooking! So, Thank you Thank You Thank You for helping me with this!"

Becky, Manchester


So Why Haven't You FoundYour Mr Right?

Dating Advice for WomenYou're AVAILABLE ...
attractive, kind, intelligent, successful

but still SINGLE ...
And your friends are wondering what's going on?


  • Discover the top 10 reasons why you're not finding your Mr Right.
  • How to attract and keep somebody you find wildly desirable.
  • How to ensure you never again get caught up with Mr Wrong?

If you're determined NOT to settle for a BTN (better than nothing) relationship
and serious about finding your perfect partner …



Take the First Step Right Now

I don't want you to waste another moment, so here's something you can do right now to begin this process of attracting the right man for you.

In the box below, type five characteristics you want in your ideal man:

Was that easy or difficult for you?

Chances are, you've already done some thinking about what you want in a man.

However, I've also learned that many women are not in touch with their deepest wants and needs — especially their needs. They have no idea what it is that makes them feel loved… and therefore, they spend their entire lives feeling unloved, not just in romance, but even in friendships.

One of the key components in my Finding Mr. Right programme is helping you to uncover what you really want… and need. You will discover:

  • How to recognise your needs and, more importantly, how to meet those needs in a way that makes you feel loved and cherished.
  • The 4 key elements to finding your man that, over the years, have proven successful for hundreds of our clients.
  • The one simple but profound thing that, when you do it, I guarantee your whole life will change for the better, forever.
  • How to feel that the world is a safe place where you are loved.
  • One simple action that will improve your friendships and make you at least 50% happier.
  • The one sentence that will instantly improve any relationship, making you and the other person feel closer to each other. When to say it to Mr. Right.
  • Three ways to test whether your date will be compatible in the long run. This will prevent you from wasting time on the wrong man.
  • The key to feeling close to people. There's one action you must do first, and one sentiment you must communicate. This will not only skyrocket your ability to form an intimate relationship with Mr. Right, but will improve all your relationships.

Stop Repeating Past Mistakes

Have you ever started a new relationship, only to find that, despite careful filtering, there are some spooky similarities between him and a past relationship that turned out to be disastrous?

If you find yourself in the position of developing the same devastating relationship time after time, I can show you how to discover why this is so. But more importantly, I'll give you the tools to change any negative relationship patterns forever. Finally, you'll be able to let go of your past negative relationship memories that are part of the mentally destructive process that stops you from attracting Mr. Right.

This will be the most important step you take as you start out on your journey to find Mr. Right.

Here's what happened to Debra after she worked through this exercise:

"Over a 6-month period, with Michael's help, I worked through and learned from a period of depression and confusion following the break-up of an important relationship. [Michael helped me] to recognise clear patterns in my relationship behaviour, reveal and analyse the ‘truth' about the failed relationship and set incremental goals to overcome depression… I continue to work on the goals I set, and that work, along with a better understanding of my true values, is helping to continue a more measured, emotionally stable and productive period--including the beginning of a new relationship."


In the Finding Mr. Right course, I will give you everything you need to know in order to build an outstanding relationship with the man of your dreams.

Whatever barriers may be limiting you now, you will know how to remove them. No longer will you settle for Better Than Nothing relationships. No longer will you waste another day with a man who is not right for you.

"I ended up spending almost 10 years with 2 different partners who just wouldn't commit to our relationship. I honestly thought at the beginning of those relationships that they were really right for me.

"On the [Finding Mr. Right ] course I discovered that what I believed to be signs of commitment from my partners, weren't! Michael helped me to work out a series of questions to ask and signals to look for so that I can check out whether my future partners are really committed to a lifelong relationship with me. I'm so grateful to him. I don't want to waste any more time with Mr. Wrongs."


When you get the Finding Mr. Right course, you'll realise when you're being "too picky" about men - or not picky enough.

You'll know what to do when you think you've finally found Mr. Right. This one step will practically guarantee you'll avoid a painful breakup.

However, I don't want you to just know certain things, vital as that is.


The One Thing You Must Do

One of the biggest reasons people fail to find their perfect partners is they don't date enough people.

Could this be true of you? At the beginning of this article, I asked you why you thought you haven't found your Mr. Right yet. I suspect one of the reasons you checked off was that you don't find it easy to date. Or you don't feel comfortable playing the dating game. Or you're not quite confident enough of yourself.

I strongly believe that if you're not beating potential suitors off with a stick, you're probably selling yourself short!

What — don't you believe that? Well, then, I'm sure you're selling yourself short! If you don't already feel confident of your ability to attract wonderful men , I'll show you how to change that — step by step.

Get Finding Mr. Right now, and I will have you going out on more dates in a month than you did in the last three years — and loving it!

That's what Sarah Ewing, a journalist who took the Finding Mr. Right course, discovered:

"Before taking the Finding Mr. Right course I was reliant on guys approaching me. I guess fear of risk and rejection was preventing me from making the first move. As a result if I saw someone I fancied the pants off I couldn't bring myself to approach them. I don't know how many Mr. Rights I passed up.

"[On the course] I worked on my mental approach to dating and I went through a series of dating exercises with the result that my ability to date the guys that I wanted to was transformed. I dated relentlessly and had loads of fun doing it.

"Six weeks on (from the end of the course), Matt and I are incredibly happy together. He's an absolute dream. I couldn't have imagined things going better… we're the perfect match… I've never felt anything so right."


So Why Haven't You FoundYour Mr Right?

Dating Advice for WomenYou're AVAILABLE ...
attractive, kind, intelligent, successful

but still SINGLE ...
And your friends are wondering what's going on?


  • Discover the top 10 reasons why you're not finding your Mr Right.
  • How to attract and keep somebody you find wildly desirable.
  • How to ensure you never again get caught up with Mr Wrong?

If you're determined NOT to settle for a BTN (better than nothing) relationship
and serious about finding your perfect partner …


Everything You Need to Know to Successfully Play the Dating Game

As you go through the Finding Mr. Right programme, you'll find the rules of the dating game demystified. I'll unlock the secrets to finding Mr. Right that elude most women.

Check off all the ones you would like to know:

  How to determine your top 2 dating areas that you must focus on to attract your ideal man in the next 18 months.

  How to set the boundaries that are comfortable for you — and when to communicate them to your date. Timing is of the essence here!

  The 8 areas of dating that are absolutely critical in attracting your man.

  An approach that will ensure you'll never feel regret over missed opportunities again.

  What to do when you've attracted the wrong kind of attention.

There is one place — and only one — where the number of single men looking for a relationship actually out-number women. I'm talking university educated, professional men who share your goal of finding great dates, making new friends, forming romantic relationships and potentially meeting a life partner. This is also the safest place to "shop" for a date who shares your interests and values. I'll show you what this is and how to make the most of it.

The do's and don'ts of dating more than one man at a time (and why it's absolutely necessary to do so).

How to be absolutely sure when you do meet Mr. Right. There is something you must do for a specific recommended time period that will protect you from heartbreak.

The new rules of the dating game. Which rules to break and when, and the one rule you must never break.

If you only have 4 seconds to make a first impression, what do you do if you don't feel confident about your looks? Relax. It's not about how attractive you are, but how attractive you are perceived to be. It's about the “X-factor.” The good news is, you can develop this secret attractor factor. I'll tell you exactly what the X-factor equation is and how to exude it so men are attracted to the real you like a bear to honey.

The one mistake that will cut your attractiveness immediately. Avoid this!

A quick trick that will make anyone feel comfortable around you instantly.

"Before doing Finding Mr. Right I had no idea about how to send out the right signals to men. Worse than that I couldn't read the signals that were coming my way. Very quickly I've mastered the art of being playful and relaxed enough that I finally get the attention I've always wanted."

Kristina Flatman, Leicester

How to feel relaxed (and ready) about answering commonly asked questions such as, “What do you do for a living?” I'll show you which responses will make a date want to know you better.

How to begin a conversation and/or keep one alive on a date, so that you come across as interesting and engaging as well as safe for conversation… and generate the spark that will lead to further interaction.

What to do if you don't want anything to go farther than that first date.

Speed dating, Internet dating, personal adverts — the dos and don'ts, so that they're actually fun and fruitful.

What to do when you start finding men you'd like to get to know. How do you know if he's interested in you? How can you approach someone if you want to get talking? And - most important — how do you get a second date if you want one?

What to absolutely not do to get a second date.

Do you know the two nonverbal signals that tell a man he may safely approach you? Without these two signals, you'll never get the number of men approaching you that you deserve.

Making your approach - what do you say? A common attraction pattern is the more attractive someone is, the more scared you feel about approaching him. Here's a simple little formula that will break the ice every time.


If you've checked more than four boxes, I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to get the Finding Mr. Right course now so that, 2 to 18 months from now, you could be looking into the eyes of the man who thinks you are the most amazing woman on the face of the planet.

Oh yes, perhaps I can.

Finding Mr. Right is actually not for everyone.


The "Catch"

As I said, I can guarantee that Finding Mr. Right will give you everything you need to find your Mr. Right in 2-18 months.

But there's a catch. (You knew there had to be one, right?)

Listen carefully, because what I'm going to tell you is very important!

At the beginning of this article, I said that there is a secret to finding Mr. Right. There is something to know and something to do.

I have told you what you have to know. You have to know what makes for a lasting relationship. You have to know what you want.

Finding Mr. Right will help you clarify both those things.

But I also said there is something you must do.

You must take action!

If you want to find your Mr. Right in a matter of months, not years, you're going to need to both learn and work. It isn't a case of buying the Finding Mr. Right book, tossing it to one side and awaiting the arrival of your knight in shining armour.

You will need to follow the exercises, put what you learn into action and remain committed to finding your man through some of the inevitably tough times ahead. You will encounter setbacks and dead ends, but you must persist.

If you do, then I can guarantee that 2-18 months is a realistic timetable. Yes, really. But it does require that you do the work.

Did you get what I just said? Let me repeat myself. You can't just buy the book and set it to one side. You need to follow the exercises and take action!


"Your methods work—the books you recommend, the exercises you set, the affirmations you develop. You help me celebrate qualities and do things that none of my regular friends can help me with. I value your insight and clarity about issues. You're great at identifying what the issues are, and what are the most important things to concentrate on at a particular moment. I love your sense of fun, and the fact that you [help me] find and celebrate qualities in myself that I always hoped were there."

Bridgit. L. Amersham, Bucks


Finding Mr. Right - The Manual!


How to Find Mr RightFinding Mr. Right you'll have instant access to the tools that will guarantee that you'll find your Mr. Right 2-18 months from now when you use them:

  • A comprehensive step-by-step e-book in an instantly downloadable PDF format that gives you all the information you need to attract the right man for you.
  • A companion workbook of exercises (PDF format) that teaches you how to turn the knowledge you learn into actions you must take. It's an interactive guide to transforming your thought process so you can easily attract your dream man. Complete the exercises and you'll transform your ability to attract Mr. Right, GUARANTEED!

These two tools in the Finding Mr. Right e-book and accompanying workbook - contain everything you need to know to begin your search for Mr. Right today.


Finding Mr Right BONUSES

Before I tell you the amazing cost for these two books, I want to mention three bonuses that will enable you to speed up the time it will take you to find your man - again, if you use them:

Bonus 1: The women in this recording paid ten times what you will pay here, make sure you take the time to listen to this!' I know a small percentage of the population don't like to talk about the money but's it really not clear what an amazing bargain this product is anymore

Bonus 2:  A client-only web page that gives specific, targeted information for attracting your man. This is where we share some of our best secrets with you!

Bonus 3:  A 20-minute live, one-on-one coaching consultation with one of our top relationship coaches on any relationship-related issues. Sometimes you get stuck and need a little extra help. This is a great way to help you get past your issue. (Value: $120 US, £80 ).

Relationship Books


The Cost is the Easiest Part

Truly, the cost of this programme is the easiest part. For only US$34.95, you get all the exercises and resources you need. People pay me thousands of dollars to walk them through these steps. You get them for less than the cost of one date!

The choice is yours. You can either ...

  • Continue whatever you've been doing up until now - waiting, hoping, wishing, or dating haphazardly. I guarantee you will get the same results you've been getting.

Or you can...

  • Commit to a proven system for finding the man that is right for you, so that within 2-18 months you will have found the love you've always craved, the love that perhaps you never quite believed was possible.

Because you may still have a niggling doubt in your mind about whether this programme really does what my clients have proven it does, I want to remove all the risk from your purchase. I'll take all of the risk associated so that you can try this product confidently, knowing that you are covered by the following guarantee ...

Relationship Books


It's Risk FREE!

The Finding Mr. Right ebook is 100% guaranteed to be the smartest investment you've ever made towards finding your partner -- or your money back. The guarantee is simple -- you assume zero risk.  You can get and read the book without risking a single cent. If you're not absolutely convinced that putting the knowledge and exercises into practice will find you your Mr. Right in under 2-18 months, we will refund every cent of your purchase.

Just e-mail me and ask for a no-hassle refund. No explanation is necessary. You, and you alone, will be the sole judge and jury. Nobody will try to "talk" you into keeping the book, and you will be cheerfully refunded. This is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation.


If you truly want to find Mr. Right, your first step is to download the material now.  Then, complete the exercises. Listen to the audios. Call me for a consultation when you need it. Put into practice this programme... and let me know when you find your Mr. Right!

To your relational bliss,

Relationship Books

P.S. Remember, this material is not designed to help you find just any man, but to find the man that is right for you. I am 100% committed to seeing that you create a deep, intimate relationship that will last.

P.P.S. Still undecided? Click here to test-drive the program by receiving your free introductory chapter of Finding Mr. Right. You'll immediately receive access to the chapter via email - it gives you the very first and necessary steps toward attracting the man of your dreams.

P.P.P.S. The only risk you take is doing nothing. If you don't like any part of Finding Mr. Right at any time, you may get 100% of your money back.

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Michael MyerscoughFind out exactly what you need to do and how to move on with your life.  You don't have to go through your pain on your own. 
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