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Here are three of our most valuable relationship advice resources, they've already helped tens of thousands of people make healthier choices, and you could be one of them. Above all else I want to make your relationships better which is why I insist on giving them away.  You can grab all the relationship advice freebies listed below by simply letting me know where we should send them.   I'm trying to give you a head start on happiness here so make sure you take full advantage of these gifts.  Don't make that classic mistake - they're no less valuable simply because they're FREE. 

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1. Top 10 Tips to a Great Relationship

Turn a bad relationship into a good one, and a good relationship into a better one! Learn from these 10 simple yet profound tips on how to have a great relationship.

2. The Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Finding Your Partner

Find out why you’re having a hard time finding someone you’d be excited to wake up with every morning. You will read and identify which of the top 10 problems are affecting you. I’ll explain why they’re holding you back and then walk you through  how you can begin to work out your love life.

What I’m offering here are not just ‘sound-bites’. All of these challenges are comprehensively covered in a 9-page report for men and an 8 page report for women.

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You’ll also be receiving occasional announcements allowing you to be the first to hear about workshops and programs from me.

I’ve been helping people for over 20 years now as they seek to resolve their romantic issues and improve their relationships. I’m generally quoted as using a no-nonsense approach that’s going to get you the results you want fast.

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Here are examples of what some of our readers say about the newsletters.  Given the nature of the site all names are changed but they are real.


“Just wanna let you know how much I appreciate and value your site and newsletter! I seriously am a newb when it comes to all this relationship stuff. Your quick and wit-spiced advice has played an integral role in my relationship maturity. You make it so easy and fun!

I’ve recommended your site and newsletter to almost everyone I know. On behalf of all the people you’ve helped, I sincerely thank you. … I also want you to know that I’ve been hearing this question a lot: “Why doesn’t he write a book??!”.

Best wishes to you, always!



“I don’t know if you read stuff like this but I just want to really thank you for your last e-mail. I subscribed to them a while ago just out of curiosity really and wasn’t sure what to expect. Now I always read them with pleasure and I’m glad of your efforts.”


“Hallo. I first got your article from a friend. I was having a dilemma at that time and you just happened to write about the very same thing. I just wanna share something back.

I find your advice honest, good, fun and thought provoking.”


You always write such fantastic articles, Michael. I always keep them filed and never throw them away! Fortunately they don’t take up any space.


“You are on fire – this article and the last one are some of the best stuff you have ever written.

It’s like you’re putting into words those things that everyone else is afraid to speak out loud or even admit to. Well observed and nicely written.”


“Yet another poignant and perfectly timed article.

Thank you. Your advice on remaining sweet and not bitter toward men, despite the challenge that presents, is wonderfully displayed.”


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