Female Body Language


Female body language a bit of a mystery to you? Read on if you want to know the secrets to reading her signals so you know for sure she’s giving you the green light to approach or to ask her out on a date.

Female Body Language

Reading Female Body Language

I’m going to assume you want to read female body language in order to know whether she’s interested in you – not because you’re intellectually interested in the theory!

If you’re looking at this from a practical point of view and you want to go out with more women then you need 3 things:

  1. To know the most important female body language signals
  2. To have the sensory acuity to read the signals (be able to spot them!)
  3. To have the ability to approach women and read the signals when talking to them

Given you’re looking for ways of reading female body language already, you probably don’t need to be told about the importance of it when gauging their interest in you.

But why is it so important?

Well apart from the fact that it’s going to vastly reduce the number of knock backs you get, over 80% of flirting encounters are started by women.

Yes – it always feels like we’re the ones that are making the play for the woman, because we’re the ones that have to walk on over and introduce ourselves. But the reality of it is, that it’s the woman who signals whether she wants you to make a play. And if you can’t read the signals then you’re either getting a whole lot more knock backs than you want, or missing out on a lot of opportunities to date women.

Anyway, let’s look at each of the 3 key areas to female body language in a bit more detail.

The most important body language signals to look for

Honestly, there are 10′s if not 100′s of body language signals to look out for. Eye movements, pupil dilation, body movements. But do you really need to know them all?

Even I don’t know them all and I’m an expert in dating and relationships. OK – so I do know most of them. But when it comes down to knowing whether a woman wants to get to know you better, you only need to know a handful of the most important signs.

There are just 9 key flirting signals that are important for you to know when approaching a woman you don’t yet know.

Why 9?

Because only 9 were determined statistically important in a scientific, university level study into the importance of body language when approaching potential dates. In other words, if you know these 9, you can forget the rest. I don’t know about you, but learning these 9 signs of flirting is manageable for me.

When you’ve introduced yourself or if you already happen to know the woman, then it’s valuable to know a few more signs, specifically the skills of rapport (mirroring, matching, etc.), interpretation of touch and other key flirting signals.

Being able to spot the female body language signs

Really this is the most important part. Frankly, I’d prefer it if you only knew one flirting sign and were great at spotting it than learn 20 and weren’t able to use them properly.

My message to you here? Spotting body language signals in women is a skill. A learnable skill.

Take the time to practice or follow the exercises we give you in the flirting guide to ingrain your ability to read flirting signals and you’ll see women’s body language almost as clearly as a set of traffic lights.

Too many people just want to know what the female body language signs are on paper and few actually take the time to practice it. If there’s one key message from this page I want you to get – it’s practice using the skills. Not a cursory, ½ hour at your pub, and a ‘Yup – got that licked’. You’ll need to practice it over the period of a few weeks every time you go out in public. Firstly spotting other people flirting, then gradually bringing yourself to use those skills to look for women flirting with you.

Have the ability to approach women

There’s no point being the best at reading body language if you aren’t able to follow through with it.

When you learn to read female body language there’s nothing more annoying than still struggling to approach women. It’s really another subject on its own, suffice to say one thing – you can still learn to approach women with 90% certainty when you make use of the 9 key signals associated with flirting female body language.

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