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The Relationship Gym website is dedicated to offering quality relationship advice to couples and singles and also a special focus for guys who often are overlooked. Few relationships are free from friction but it's my belief that they can be a whole lot better than most of us make them.

If you’re experiencing relationship difficulties, and let’s face it you’re here for a reason, then our coaching and relationship articles can help you find the answers to a range of relationship issues.

Given all we now know about relationships there really is no excuse for tolerating one that is less than fantastic. With this in mind we take singles through a special relationship and dating advice for women programme that ensures they make a much better choice when it comes to marriage. Those who are already in a relationship generally got together for a good reason and it's our job to help them remember those reasons and get them back on track through marriage guidance and couples counselling.


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What Relationship Advice do we Offer?

The bulk of our work is relationship counselling – via the telephone.  However, we recognise that some times you just need a quality article with relationship advice and targetted help. If it's targetted articles you want, sign up for our regular monthly 'FREE Advice' newsletter and check out the Love Advice section to find out how we can help you.

The advice and help we offer is based on over 20 years experience of Michael Myerscough's work as a counsellor, life and dating coach.  However, it is difficult to know exactly what relationship problems you might be facing.  So an Emergency Coaching Session with one of our relationship therapists, focused on your needs and your particular  situation might suit you best at this moment in time.

Otherwise, you can find lots of practical relationship advice and tips in our relationship books.  If when you’ve browsed the website, you feel that you need more focussed help to make the changes  to work out your love life, then please get in contact with us.


The Relationship Gym's Commitment to Working Out Your Love Life 

Our counsellors are truly gifted when it comes to helping people make the necessary changes to their love life and relationships.  Don't just take it from us but see what other people say in the Testimonials section and latest Success Stories. I love getting testimonials and you can trust these are all true.  So, do you want and believe YOU deserve to have the best relationship with the partner of your dreams?

Please feel free to browse, enjoy our website and find out how YOU can improve your chances for a great relationship and a better love life TODAY!

 Michael Myerscough, Relationship Expert

Michael Myerscough

Relationship Counsellor, Coach CCUI

The Relationship Gym


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